Miss USA to TSA: Ban the Scan!

June 28th, 2011

As people across the country prepare for their summer vacations, some will be taking vacations that involve flying, which means having to deal with the pat-down happy TSA. The obscene practices of this government entity are well-known and much-despised, and those of us that would like nothing better than to see such practices end may’ve gotten a new partner in the fight.

Teaming up with Campaign for Liberty, Miss USA 2003 winner Susie Castillo is launching a campaign to get state and local governments to pass anti-groping and anti-pat down legislation similar to that of the Texas State Legislature. Ms. Castillo’s anger at the TSA comes from her own experiences being “violated” by a TSA servicewoman at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport back in April. On her website, she describes the ordeal, which involved frequent and unnecessary touching of her body that was different from her previous pat-down experience at LAX in Los Angeles, which was less thorough.

Now Ms. Castillo is using her traumatic experience as a weapon in the ongoing battle against the TSA’s unnecessary pat-downs and searches that are both a violation of the 4th amendment and make traveling more of a hassle than it needs to be. While only Washington can call off the pat-downs, state and local governments can follow Texas’ lead in banning the practice on the local level, which can convey the level of public anger that has arisen over these “safety” measures.

H/T The Humble Libertarian, Campaign for Liberty

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