The Fed is Hiring! Help Them Monitor Discussion About Themselves…

September 26th, 2011

I can guarantee the keyword searches of “Federal Reserve”, “Fiat money”, “printing press”, and “scumbags” will deliver the new Fed social media monitors straight to Silver Circle’s website and blog. No worries though, we’ve seen the traces of the Boston Federal Reserve IT department in our analytic logs long before this news was released.

I won’t sit here and act disgusted, because that reactionary emotion is comprised of surprise and…I’m not surprised. After the humiliating efforts to gather tips on negative language towards President Obama with, starting in Decemeber it looks like the Fed will devise a more direct and less public plan. (In case you were wondering you can still submit suspicious claims and attacks on the President at the Attack Watch site, feel free to submit this one if you’d like…)

Much like any other company or campaign, the Federal Reserve has an open proposal to hire a social media monitoring company to track the conversation about itself online. They don’t seem to be discriminating either…mainstream media sources, personal blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebooks can appear on the radar according to the monitoring applications they are exploring.

I'm not going to lie, Bernanke looks great in get-up!

The one thing omitted from much of the news surrounding this new job opening at the Fed is what will they do with the information that Fed officials find undesirable? President Obama’s attempt at monitoring conversation by volunteered new tips seemed to have somewhat of a purpose: to give his drones some information to regurgitate so they don’t have to actually research for the truth (don’t for a second think I’m defending the “attacks” by the GOP). So what does the Fed want to do with the complaints about their fiat business? Compile a list of dissenters? Will they cut us off of their money supply? (I sure hope so) Or is this just some vain attempt to track how awesome they are? (They’ll get a rude awakening)

Perhaps the social media world can turn this up on its head, just like Twitter did with #AttackWatch, overwhelming their system with hits on their keyword searches that turn up nothing but nonsense. Imagine if thousands began writing posts using the words “federal reserve”, “fiat money”, “print money out of thin air”, “central banking” in excess (I imagine those are some terms they will be looking for). There could even be an organized “Blog About the Fed Day”… let’s clog up their system’s search! And like I said, what are they going to do with the unfriendly posts about them? There are tens of thousands that write about the Fed every day…I don’t think this will stop them us, if anything this will light a fire beneath the keyboards!

h/t to the wonderful Zerohedge

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