A Precious Metals Week Salute to Max Keiser

July 13th, 2012

If you want to dive into the precious metals world head first, and get a pretty decent inoculation against all the financial propaganda, The Keiser Report with Max Keiser is a pretty valuable resource. In fact, on list of the 25 Most Dangerous People in Finical Media (in a good way), Joshua Brown at the Huffington Post lists Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert (his fiancé and co-host) as #1. Brown writes:

While other news personalities report on the Greek riots from the shelter of a luxury hotel’s rooftop, Max and Stacy and down in the square with flak jackets, gas masks and a camera rolling despite the bedlam taking place all around them. When other pundits lament the lack of regulation, Max and Stacy call for the bank executives’ heads to roll.

I saw “Gibbets!” (That’s olde timey Rebel speak for “gallows”) Max Keiser makes things very difficult for the financial elites, primary by exposing them, and explaining their antics in a way that approaches layman’s terms.

Max Keiser is a broadcaster and film-maker. His show, the Keiser Report, is broadcast n RT Television (A challenge to the status quo in its own right). He’s also hosted financial programs on BBC World News, and Al-Jazeera English as well writing for the Huffington Post himself.

He started his career as a stock broker on Wall Street 25 years ago. He’s also the co-founder and ormer CEO of the Hollywood Stock Exchange which allows traders to exchange “MovieStocks” and “StarBonds” in the virtual currency, the “HollywoodDollar.” So, he’s been thinking outside the box since his earliest days in finance.

Keiser first tipped his toe in the realm of financial activism with ten short documentary films covering various economic doomsday scenarios and monetary shenanigans for a series called People & Power. He was one of the first in his field predicting the collapse of the Dollar. The first episode, titled The Oracle, was presented as satirical financial news before it happened.

Since 2009 his claim to fame has been the Keiser Report on the RT network where three times a week he and his cohost Stacy Herbert break down the economic headlines of the day. Just this month it was announced that he and Stacy were engaged. Congratulations. Keiser famously called for a “fatwa” against Hank Paulson for the TARP bailouts. Keiser has also dubbed JPMorgan “the biggest financial terrorist on Wall Street” in as part of his allegation that they conspire with other financial elites to manipulate the price of silver. Keiser, as well as many others in his field, advocates buying silver and taking physical possession of the bullion in a campaign he calls, “Crash JPMorgan – buy silver.” Keiser predicts that when the per-ounce silver price exceeds JPMorgan’s stock price it will not only bankrupt JPMorgan but potentially crash the dollar.

We can only dream… and prepare.

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About the Author: Davi Barker

In grade school Davi refused to recite the pledge of allegiance because he didn't understand what it meant. He was ordered to do as he was told. In college he spent hours scouring through the congressional record trying to understand this strange machine. That's where he discovered Dr. Ron Paul. In 2007 he joined the End The Fed movement and found a political home with the libertarians. The Declaration of Independence claims that the government derives its power “from the consent of the governed." He does not consent.