Discussing the Economic Crisis with Ranting Andy of Miles Franklin

April 19th, 2013

Recently, Silver Circle began showing at a variety of premiere events across the United States, packing theaters in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, and Austin, TX. Given that Silver Circle is an independent film that challenges mainstream thought on economics, sponsors have been stepping up to show their support for our local events. Hollywood studios rely on the corporate-media industrial complex to support their theater releases (in exchange for creative control and submission to their agendas), whereas Two Lanterns Media often stands on the shoulders of caring sponsors that truly understand the importance of the film and respect its valuable message.

On May 4th, Silver Circle is set for its theater debut in Boulder, CO. There will be two showings that day, one at 7 PM and the other at 9 PM. Tickets are available online at this link. This thrilling premiere event will be taking place at Boedecker Theater, located at 2590 Walnut St, Boulder, Colorado 80302. After each showtime, Ranting Andy from Miles Franklin will be taking questions from the audience. The good folks at Miles Franklin help investors stay ahead of changing times by sharing their expertise on inflation, precious metals, and sound investments, and we’re proud that the company is supporting and sponsoring our Boulder premiere. Check out our interview with Miles Franklin’s “Ranting” Andy Hoffman after the jump.

Megan Chats with Ranting Andy of Miles Franklin

Megan: “As Silver Circle opens the door for many young people on the issue of sound money and precious metals, when did you discover that this was a logical solution to our downward spiraling economy?”

Ranting Andy: “I have been ‘all in’ the Precious Metals sector since May 2002. However, it was not until 2008’s economic collapse (still ongoing today, worse than ever) that I switched my investment posture from ‘offensive’ to ‘defensive.’ In other words, I realized that ‘PAPER PM Investments’ like ETFs, closed-end funds, and mining shares were just another way to lose money to a government intent on destroying its ‘opposition.’ Thus, I now have 100% of my liquid assets in PHYSICAL gold and silver; where they will stay until the current, global fiat regime collapses – just like all 599 attempts before it. My PMs are my savings; not ‘investments’; i.e, the ‘HOLY GRAIL OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD.’”

Megan: “If you could send one message to our youth today or even young adults, what would it be?”

Ranting Andy: “Do not TRUST the ‘evil troika’ of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM (Mainstream Media). ‘THEY WANT YOU DEAD,’; and thus, the only way to avoid their cancerous PROPAGANDA is by ‘LEAVING THE SANDBOX.’ Seek the TRUTH; which only those in the internet’s ‘alternative world’ can supply you.”

Megan: “What does Miles Franklin hope to accomplish over the next year?”

Ranting Andy: “We are one of the nation’s largest bullion dealers; so obviously we aim to sell as many as possible. However, our BLOG was not founded on ‘selling,’ but TRUTH dissemination. If just 1% of the population understands what’s REALLY going on before the current fiat regime fails – and takes ACTION to protect themselves – we will be happy.”

Megan: “Where can people follow your Ranting Andy column? How often is it released?”

Ranting Andy: “Just go to MilesFranklin.com, where my RANTS – as well as David Schectman’s (our founder) and Bill Holter’s – are archived. They are published FIVE DAYS A WEEK – for FREE. Actually, if you enter your email address there (you will not be solicited), it will be emailed to your inbox each afternoon – typically around 4:00 PM EST.”

Megan: “What’s one thing about Silver Circle that gets you excited? Favorite part?”

Ranting Andy: “NOTHING energizes me more than the nation’s YOUTH understanding – and disseminating – the TRUTH. And it’s about time someone made the silver world FUN!”

You can keep up with Ranting Andy and support our awesome sponsor by visiting MilesFranklin.com. Readers in the Boulder, CO area, be sure to check out the Silver Circle premiere, coming to your town on May 4th!

Find out where you can see Silver Circle by checking our theater and special screening schedule on our event page.

About the Author: Barry Donegan

Barry Donegan is a singer for the experimental mathcore band Look What I Did, a writer, a self-described "veteran lifer in the counterculture", a political activist/consultant, and a believer in the non-aggression principle.