Both Sides of the Aisle Sue Obama

June 16th, 2011

The Libyan War that we entered earlier this year is costing the United States $10 million a day. The US is currently over $14 trillion dollars in debt. Expenses for public infrastructure dropped from 3.1% in 1963 of GDP to 2.4% in 2007, and many blossoming cities around the US found themselves halting construction. I’m not standing in the Federal Government’s corner when it comes to spending, however trillions are needed here in this country to repair bridges, roads, and railways. Why are we blowing up and rebuilding bridges in the Middle East?

Congress has taken notice to the contradiction US foreign policy. Republicans and Democrats are concerned that the nation’s well-being, which is already threatened by the monetary and foreign policies at hand, will soon be at even greater risk. Neglecting our needs at home to nation build across the world is something at least 10 members of Congress won’t stand for. They also have legal rights in this instance because the Constitution gives the Legislative Branch the authority to vote on the act of war. Since this part of the Constitution has been ignored through the past 10 years, Congress is now taking action. The beauty of it all, both sides of the aisle are taking on the task of suing President Obama for unauthorized military action.

Obama responded by saying our military action does not meet the levels of hostility to consider Libya an actual war that we have entered. 120 missiles were launched from Western nations back in March at the beginning of this Libyan involvement, killing civilians. I would consider that pretty darn hostile.

If our foreign policy continues down this imperialistic path, we may find ourselves in a scenario of unbearable inflation, increased threats to our national security, and less men and women interested in serving in the Armed Forces. So remind me again why we are crushing and rebuilding nations aboard when our country is going down the drain here at home. I’m eager to see this legal action against illegal wars manifest into the return of Constitutional intervention in foreign countries.

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