How To Protect the 4th? Use the 2nd!

June 9th, 2011


Legally Using Guns on Cops to Defend the Home? How about that?

If you were ever wondering what you can do if a policeman ever broke into your house without a warrant, or without being asked to, you may now have an option: Lock ‘n’ Load and Defend the House!

40 members of Indiana’s State Senate and 31 members of Indiana’s State House of Representatives recently filed an amicus brief in the case of Barnes v. State, claiming that Indiana’s self-defense statutes allow a person to use firearms if necessary to resist unlawful entry into one’s home by policemen.

The case in question involves Rich Barnes, a man arrested for resisting police and disorderly conduct during a dispute with his wife. Mr. Barnes claims that the police were called on him by his wife when he started throwing objects around the house in anger. He was taking his stuff and about to leave their apartment when the police came. After a shouting match that resulted in the police threatening to arrest him, Mr. Barnes went back into his house to get his things. The police then forced their way in and tried to apprehend him for disorderly conduct. Mr. Barnes’ claim is that they were never invited in, so they were unlawfully in his home, and his resistance was justified in trying to get them to leave.

Whether or not this is justified entry, or a legitimate complaint for authorities, it says a lot about what citizens are allowed to do to guarantee their 4th amendment rights, including using their 2nd amendment rights. Many of these defensive actions are legal, yet are largely unknown to the citizens as a whole. The case here only pertains to Indiana, but every state has self-defense statutes that are unfortunately hidden in legal briefs and historical records, almost as if the police or the lawmakers don’t want you to find them (I know the police don’t want you to).

If you read our online web-comic you’ll see that our Rebels are dealing with more than just cops busting in, but also forcing the homeowners out! The 4th Amendment has been under attack for years by authoritative police officers and statist lawmakers. It’s time to stand up to them, before our most cherished freedoms are swept under the rug forever.

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