Precious Metalhead #14 – Trucking! Silver! Crawling Queen Snake!

January 10th, 2012

All Cylinders Firing

This month is just a quick director’s note – there’s a lot of activity, people, and animation happening here in the studio lately.  We’ve got a full staff of animators now to finish this movie off and have considerably more control now on our finish date.

We are taking a little extra time to be sure the animation is the highest quality we can do with this timeframe and budget – it’s our first feature film and I am determined to set the bar as high as it can go.  While we have to hit the election season for sure, we will lose a lot of audience and future potential if the animation isn’t great – and it IS looking great now.

Fed, Currency Wars, Vancouver Show

The international financial and monetary scene continues to play out; while we don’t like to see this level of global and domestic distress, it certainly will be an interesting backdrop for the movie when it comes out.  There is even movement towards the Fed taking over more of the Real Estate market; though I hope they don’t ever go as far as our Strategic Housing Reserve.  Federal Reserve: it’s a bad idea, don’t do it.

I’m reading Currency Wars by James Rickards right now.  Very interesting reading for those interested in international economics, gold, and economic crisis.

Finally, we’ll be heading out this month to the huge Precious Metals show in Vancouver. We will be hosting a table in the media room – it’s near the coffee and beer so I know we’ll see you.  Please stop by and talk with us – we are eager to meet more of the PM community, and to show off our latest clips, plus our new treatment for the sequel.  Lots is brewing!

Song of the Month – The Last Internationale

Our song of the month is “Crawling Queen Snake” by The Last Internationale, another of the AWESOME bands that will be featured in our movie.  They were also good enough to play a set for us on the floor of New York Comic Con last year – and we wish them the best for their new tour and new work!




Thanks again for being a fan and follower of Silver Circle – we’re pulling out the stops to make this animated adventure into a worthwhile and notable film.  Hang in there with us these final months of production and you’ll see!


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