Every Rebel Starts Somewhere: A feel good Christmas story

December 26th, 2012

The holiday spirit never ceases to amaze me. As all the awful things transpire across the globe this time of year really does bring out the best in many. Being a movie, a movement, that supports Rebels and not following the crowd and setting an example we wonder sometimes: “When does it all begin with someone? At childhood? A random act of kindness? Someone’s first protest?”

I have a feeling this act from a young man in Oklahoma is one of those transformative moments. Eight year-old, Chase Branscum, decided that this year he was going to set an example. He gave away all of his birthday presents from that year to children in need. If at eight years old this young man can learn to take the high road, it gives you hope for many more.

His generous donation went to the popular “Toys for Tots”, which might I add is one of the main charities motorcycle clubs do charity rides for. It’s a great program where, although monetary donations are welcome, the physical toy or piece of clothing is delivered to the ones in need. No admin fees, no hidden costs which can take away from the donation to the one who needs it. Chase puts it very simply on why he did this:

“I’ve got toys and some kids don’t.”

Check out the video of our Rebel of the Week here:

I have a feeling this might not be the only time this little guy shows up as ROTW…whether it be on SilverUnderground.com or beyond!

About the Author: megan

Megan is the Marketing Manager for Silver Circle who spends endless amounts of time on making sure the word gets out about this film and graphic novel! As a liberty activist since '08 she also has gained a passion for advancing liberty in her personal life and helping others to do the same. Questions about getting involved with the film, events, liberty, and hip-hop can go straight to her!