Last day before our New Orleans Comic Con screening!

December 1st, 2012

Tomorrow is our next big screening at the New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con. It’s the second screening of Silver Circle ever, and we’re expecting a full room, including press. Stay tuned, because we’ve got some exciting interviews lined up from among the speakers list. We’ve confirmed and interview with Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame to get the scoop on his upcoming role in the movie adaptation of J. Neil Schulman’s famous libertarian sci-fi Alongside Night, and potentially others.

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About the Author: Davi Barker

In grade school Davi refused to recite the pledge of allegiance because he didn't understand what it meant. He was ordered to do as he was told. In college he spent hours scouring through the congressional record trying to understand this strange machine. That's where he discovered Dr. Ron Paul. In 2007 he joined the End The Fed movement and found a political home with the libertarians. The Declaration of Independence claims that the government derives its power “from the consent of the governed." He does not consent.