Orlando’s MegaCon Welcomes Silver Circle This Weekend!

February 14th, 2012

Silver Circle Comes to MegaCon 2012:

Posted: 2/14/12


LinePlot Productions will be at MegaCon promoting their film Silver Circle.

(ORLANDO, FL) – From Friday, February 17 to Sunday, February 19, LinePlot Productions will have a both at MegaCon 2012 promoting the imminent release their upcoming film, Silver Circle. This includes a giveaway of t-shirts, stickers, bracelets and other merchandise associated with the film.

[NOTE: Issues of the Silver Circle graphic novel, on which the film is based, will be on sale discounted 20% for the convention.]

WHEN: Feb 17, 1pm – 7pm
Feb 18, 10am – 6pm
Feb 19, 10am – 5pm

WHERE: LinePlot Productions will be at Booth #840
Orange County Convention Center Hall D
9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Silver Circle is a film that lives in our world after massive economic collapse: tyranny, explosions, monetary mayhem, romance and rebels. At the center of corruption is the Federal Reserve who has gained enormous amounts of control over America’s economy, with disastrous effects beginning to show. Standing opposite, is the band of Rebels who have vowed to take back the freedom they once knew…and they won’t go down without a fight. Silver Circle plans to take liberty filmmaking to a whole other level.

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CONTACT: LinePlot Productions Marketing Manager Megan Duffield, 617-864-8300; E-mail megan@silvercirclemovie.com; or visit the official site, www.silvercirclemovie.com.


About the Author: megan

Megan is the Marketing Manager for Silver Circle who spends endless amounts of time on making sure the word gets out about this film and graphic novel! As a liberty activist since '08 she also has gained a passion for advancing liberty in her personal life and helping others to do the same. Questions about getting involved with the film, events, liberty, and hip-hop can go straight to her!