Hometown Love at Boston Comic Convention

April 19th, 2012

At our 3rd year at our very own neighborhood con we will have our Official Trailer for all to see and great news about the upcoming release of the Boston-based, animated film, Silver Circle! We are proud to be a part of this community and can not wait to connect with all of the artists and vendors that will be there!

Silver Circle Comes to Boston Comic Con 2012


LinePlot Productions will be at the Boston Comic Con promoting their film Silver Circle.

(BOSTON, MA) – On Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22, LinePlot Productions will have a booth at the Boston Comic Con (BCC) promoting the imminent release their upcoming film, Silver Circle. At the convention they will be debuting a new 1:30 trailer of the movie during their film screening. In addition, the film’s animation team (Raedia Sikkema Albinson, Matt Cassidy, Jaime Goulet, Jenna Montani, Petr Yerchenko, Matt McCarthy and Diego Aguirre) will be attending, giving fans a chance to meet the creators of the film.

Saturday, April 21
Sunday, April 22

Hynes Convention Center
900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199
Silver Circle’s booth # will be available at the door.

[NOTE: They will have merchandise related to the film both for sale and to be won as prizes: t-shirts, comic books, bumper stickers and new “End the Fed” cause bracelets]

[NOTE: Boston is LinePlot’s home city and they are proud to announce that the red carpet release of the Silver Circle movie scheduled for August will be in Boston.]

Silver Circle is a film that lives in our world after massive economic collapse: tyranny, explosions, monetary mayhem, romance and rebels. At the center of corruption is the Federal Reserve who has gained enormous amounts of control over America’s economy, with disastrous effects beginning to show. Standing opposite, is the band of Rebels who have vowed to take back the freedom they once knew…and they won’t go down without a fight. Silver Circle plans to take liberty filmmaking to a whole other level.

The BCC is the Northeast’s largest pop culture and comic book convention. The Convention features 400 tables of artists featuring the Legends of MAD Magazine – Al Feldstein, Al Jaffee, and Paul Coker. There will be panels, films, live entertainment and the annual costume contest. This year they are having their first (hopefully annual) original art auction with works donated by artists in attendance.

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CONTACT: LinePlot Productions Marketing Manager Megan Duffield, 617-864-8300; E-mail megan@silvercirclemovie.com; or visit the official site,www.silvercirclemovie.com.


About the Author: megan

Megan is the Marketing Manager for Silver Circle who spends endless amounts of time on making sure the word gets out about this film and graphic novel! As a liberty activist since '08 she also has gained a passion for advancing liberty in her personal life and helping others to do the same. Questions about getting involved with the film, events, liberty, and hip-hop can go straight to her!