Get the Silver Circle Comic and 1 oz. Rebel Silver in our Holiday Package

December 6th, 2012

>>>One Oz. Rebel Silver Round<<<

>>>Silver Circle Graphic Novel<<<

>>>Discounted Holiday Package<<<

This is the perfect gift for that friend or family member who has been curious about precious metals but hasn’t gotten their feet wet. For this holiday season we’re bundling our newly released full length graphic novel with 1 oz of Rebel Silver, the same round Ron Paul used to scold Ben Bernanke earlier this year.

It’s a fun way to introduce any comic enthusiast to the evils of the Federal Reserve and the virtues of honest money. As they read about the Rebels taking on Fed thugs they can feel the weight of the silver in their hand and have some idea what we’re all fighting for.

The Holiday Package is already discounted, but you can save even more by taking advantage of our Social Networking Rebate. Here’s how it works:

Take a picture of the gift recipient with the Holiday Package (or of yourself as soon as the order arrives if you get it for yourself) and share the photo on Facebook or Twitter, being sure to tag us so we see it. To tag us use “@Silver Circle Movie” on Facebook and “@SilverCircleMov” on Twitter. Keep in mind, you can only tag us on Facebook if you like OUR Facebook page.

Then we’ll send you a special coupon code that will give you 20% off your next purchase of t-shirts, bumper stickers, and End the Fed bracelets (great stocking stuffer ideas). The code will be sent to you through the account you posted with. How can you beat that?

Happy holiday shopping!


About the Author: Davi Barker

In grade school Davi refused to recite the pledge of allegiance because he didn't understand what it meant. He was ordered to do as he was told. In college he spent hours scouring through the congressional record trying to understand this strange machine. That's where he discovered Dr. Ron Paul. In 2007 he joined the End The Fed movement and found a political home with the libertarians. The Declaration of Independence claims that the government derives its power “from the consent of the governed." He does not consent.