Ron Paul calls Silver Circle “Key in the long-term victory of our rEVOLution”

March 21st, 2013

Posted: 3/21/12


The animated, anti-Federal Reserve film that is hitting New York City tomorrow for its official theater release was officially endorsed by Former Congressman, and legendary figure in the End the Fed movement, Dr. Ron Paul!

“I am very excited about Silver Circle, which spreads the message of liberty and sound money via an exciting tale of a future where the Federal Reserve has killed the dollar, the US economy has collapsed, and the federal government has slid into complete authoritarianism. Fortunately, a brave band of rebels works to restore liberty and undermine the Federal Reserve’s power via an alternative currency.

Using popular culture to spread our message is key to the long-term victory of our rEVOLUtion, as movies like Silver Circle enable us to reach audiences who otherwise might not be exposed to the ideas of liberty.”—Ron Paul, former Republican Congressman and Presidential Candidate

Ron Paul most notably became connected with Silver Circle when he held up a one ounce Silver Circle round in front of Ben Bernanke in a financial committee testimony over a year ago. Now, just 24 hours before the official premiere of Silver Circle in New York City, Ron Paul has come out with supportive words about the indie film’s tackling of a very serious subject in an entertaining way.

Experience the rebellion tomorrow and into next week at Cinema Village in New York City for the premiere of Silver Circle. Visit to reserve your seats!

Silver Circle: Why are gas prices are so high? Why is it getting harder to put food on the table? Some seek answers from government, but those who control the money control everything. Silver Circle is the story of our world in 2019, after the worst economic collapse in US history. Powerful players within the Federal Reserve use the crisis as an opportunity to grab power, forming the Department of Housing Stability (HousStab). Opposite them stands a group of Underground Rebels led by the tenacious Zoe Taylor (Philana Mia). As the Rebels put their lives and secret hideout on the line, Zoe confronts a vigilant federal agent, Jay Nelson (De’Lon Grant), asking him to question his own allegiance to the Fed and join their cause. This film represents a new venture in the liberty movement; educating and sharing ideas through pop culture and creative story-telling.

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