Romney “I’m Not Going to Take my Effort and Focus on the Federal Reserve”

April 13th, 2011

We talk a lot about the future here at Silver Underground, especially in regard to the economy and the Federal Reserve. Since our film is set in 2019 and our Rebels are seeing severe abuse of the central banking system we can’t help but wonder a lot of the times…Are we telling the future?

Apparently so, because the front runner of the Republican Party has just announced that his potential road to Presidency cannot be bothered by the one and ONLY private bank that prints all of the money for this country while also controlling and setting interest rates. Basically, a Presidential hopeful (who sadly enough is polling very high in New Hampshire and Iowa) may enter office and refuse to be bothered with Fed nonsense. That’s a scary thought, but makes sense if we are in fact headed towards a Silver Circle future.

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