How Profitable are Online Casinos?

August 22, 2023

Yes, this 600-word article provides a response to the query regarding the profitability of online casinos. I looked at what it takes to be successful and what factors affect profitability.

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How Profitable are Online Casinos?

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Caption Contest to win a .10 ozt Silver Circle and Silver Circle DVD!

April 29th, 2014

Some more fun is cooking up here at Silver Circle! We are putting on a caption contest this week for everyone to join in on – via facebook. In the comments section of the photo, write in a caption and the caption with the most likes by the end of the day Friday wins .10 ozt Silver Circle (currently out of circulation) and a copy of the movie on DVD!

Click this image to follow it to the facebook post where you submit your caption (you MUST write the caption in the comments section to be qualified to win).


Be sure to check out our springtime special while you’re at it: End the Fed shirt & DVD for only $20! You can’t beat that, and we here at Silver Circle would appreciate the support!

Good luck in the caption contest and have a great time!

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Springtime Special on DVD’s and Tee’s!

April 16th, 2014

Hey Silver Circle friends! We are entering the most beautiful season of the year and we want to celebrate winter’s demise with a special bundle from the Silver Circle Store!


During April and May we’ll be offering $20 bundles that includes a copy of the DVD and your choice of an End the Fed or Fed Punisher t-shirt! 50% savings for two months straight. If you haven’t picked up a copy of the movie yet, now is definitely the time to do so.

What’s been going on with the movie:

We recently just turned 1 years old and couldn’t be happier with how our tours and release transpired. Our most recent events have included us being added on HULU as well as our comic being listed on Comixology! Check it out if you’re a member on either one!

-->Dig into this new special --> and enjoy an enormous amount of savings! If you do buy a bundle, show us a pic on our Facebook wall of you sporting your new shirt and DVD. We’d love to see it!

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50% off all shirts – including End the Fed!

February 14th, 2014

During the entire month of February, Silver Circle is offering a phenomenal discount on t-shirts. Every shirt is 50% off, meaning $10 ea! This includes our entire selection of designs…even the timeless “End the Fed” tee!

Visit the store!


We have a great selection of Silver Circle shirts, that include women’s sizes as well as XXL+. One of our first designs, the “Rebel Tee” – sports the Silver Circle logo and a hat tip to Zoe and the Rebel Crew in the film. Our Fed Punisher shirt and “F’ed Reserve” system shirt always get a chuckle, and on top of it, is super comfy.

The value in this deal couldn’t be more exciting. Maybe for Valentine’s Day you and your beau can sport matching End the Fed shirts? That sounds romantic to me! It’s really simple, visit our store, select your shirts and at checkout type in the coupon code: FEB50 to receive the huge discount.

There will be more and more deals in the coming months at our Silver Circle store; this is just the beginning! For now, enjoy a $10 shirts during the entire month of February.

…I have a feeling the End the Fed tees will move quick, so act fast!

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Silver Circle now on Hulu!

January 14th, 2014

It’s been almost a year since our official release of Silver Circle. Now that we’ve been riding the download wave, we still see new streaming apps come on our radar…the newest of those is Hulu!


You do have to be a Hulu Plus member to watch the movie. Check it out, right here!

As of now Silver Circle is available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, YouTube Rental, Google Play and now Hulu! Check out our /WatchOnline page to select which app you’d like to stream us from. Oh, and invite some friends over when you do so!

We are still welcoming comments and reviews on our , so feel free to leave your thoughts. Some contests for free copies of the DVD and silver are coming up around the bend!

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Hey! Silver Circle’s blog and website are back!

January 6th, 2014

We dropped off the airwaves back in November. It was a little unexpected, however a big move in our server and systems had to take place. It was then or never, so we chose then. Now that we have a whole new system, even more secure than the last, -->our store -->, blog and other website features are now back online.

Along with our change in wiring, location and security features, we are making some changes to the Silver Circle blog that you’ve all grown to love. Starting this year we will begin the next stage in movie making – “the semi-autopilot stage”. Our store will always be accessible and from time to time -->we’ll offer deals on swag and discs -->, yet our commentary on the blog will come to a close.

It’s been amazing the past few years sharing the biggest news in the liberty world: Bradley Manning’s story, the Fed’s QE plans, events impacting us all within the silver and gold community, as well as your weekly dosage of drone news…and these are all just a few of the topics we covered. Our blog will now contain updates about the film, information on store discounts, special events, and any media attention we gain.


Once you’ve produced a movie, it stays alive forever. The good, the bad and along the way will always be available through our online archives and social media. You will also be able to continue streaming the movie online through iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube Movies.

It’s sad to see our most active chapter of promotions and screenings has come to a close, but after 15 cities, over 1,000 tickets, 200+ downloads, and hundreds of DVD’s and BluRay’s sold, we are ready to let this baby ride its natural wave.

some of the crew members at our premiere!

some of the crew members at our premiere!

There is one inevitable thing that might spike up some activity on our blog and website in the future: a run in the silver market. To quote a precious metals enthusiast as well as a great friend of ours, Andy Hoffman, “This movie will have a cult following one day. Just wait until silver is in all its glory and people want to watch it again and again!” So if you see the price of silver sky rocket, you can be sure you’ll be hearing from us in one way, shape or form. Not because we’ll be riding the media wave, but because our fans will rally behind the movie as a “told you so!” and it will be so sweet for us all!

promoting the movie at one of many comic conventions!

promoting the movie at one of many comic conventions!

Until then, contact us at anytime with questions regarding the movie, media opportunities, screenings…anything at all:

Thank you so much for being engaging, dedicated fans. We hope to bring you new media in the future, but for now…Long Live Silver Circle!

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Circumventing the beast: Black Market Friday Nov. 29th!

November 18th, 2013

Chances are if everyone is taking part in some sort of ritual, our blog is telling you how to circumvent that ritual or avoid it. Sometimes our advice heeds trouble with the law…but almost always it promotes personal freedom. That’s why this year we are promoting an awesome way to spend your holidays shopping season: buying gifts with alternative currency!

This year the online community (and some in-person stores) have blossomed with opportunities to use virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Haven’t heard of either? Check out this video.

Silver Circle is now promoting the opportunity on Black Market Friday to order our merchandise with Bitcoin OR Silver. This all comes after a huge spike in the crypto-currency world…as of right now Bitcoin is approaching Read the rest of this entry »

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Apocalyptic Film ‘Dragon Day’ Explores US Default on Debt to China

November 15th, 2013

A new film just released that Silver Circle fans will likely appreciate. The post-apocalyptic movie Dragon Day recently debuted on November 1st. American Thinker referred to it as “Red Dawn for intellectuals.” However, rather than portraying a Soviet attack on the United States, the movie’s plot explores what might happen if the US defaulted on its debt to China.

The protagonist of the film, Duke Evans, is an Edward Snowden-esque National Security Agency engineer, who finds himself struggling to survive after a Chinese cyber attack has crippled modern technology in the United States. After the attack occurs, he realizes that he was unwittingly duped by rogue supervisors into helping China attack America. In the wake of a nationwide power outage that has disrupted civil society and the supply chain, traitorous local sheriffs distribute special wristbands that, unbeknownst to recipients, will kill the wearer if he or she leaves a pre-determined geographical area. Check out the trailer for the film below, and let’s discuss it further after the jump.

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Bernie’s Rainbow Lighter Belt in ‘Silver Circle’

November 14th, 2013

Thursday is Easter egg day on the Silver Circle blog. Each week, we point out some of the references and allusions that have been hidden throughout the film for observant fans to find while watching the movie online or --> -->on DVD --> -->. Today’s egg is a tip of the hat to the LGBT community.

Bernie is one of the heroes of Silver Circle. Her tactical expertise makes her one of the most capable members of Zoe Taylor’s rebel crew when it comes to the execution of an intricate plan. In the movie, she can be seen wearing a belt affixed with a rainbow-colored assortment of cigarette lighters. Though the specifics of her personal life didn’t come up in the plot, the rainbow lighters symbolize Bernie’s lesbian sexual orientation.

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Wisconsin Takes Historic Step Towards Legalizing Raw Milk

November 13th, 2013

Many US states and the federal government have passed laws banning or severely restricting the sale and distribution of raw milk. In fact, organic food stores and family farms have been victimized by SWAT style, guns-drawn raids, as law enforcement officers at the federal level have been handling raw milk producers in a manner typically reserved for members of a violent and organized criminal operation. Meanwhile, many US consumers have taken an interest in organic, unprocessed foods, leading to a rise in the popularity of raw milk consumption.

While the federal government continues to escalate its attacks on the fundamental civil liberties outlined in the Bill of Rights, states and localities have been on a legalization spree of late. We recently reported on a Colorado farmer’s production of America’s first hemp crop in decades, Illinois’ legalization of same-sex marriage, and Portland, Maine’s ballot initiative allowing for the recreational use of cannabis. Now, Wisconsin appears poised to expand freedom as well, as its Senate Financial Institutions and Rural Issues Committee just passed Senate Bill 236, which would allow farmers to sell raw milk to the public.

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This Sunday at 4pm EST: Pasha Roberts on Dr. Janda’s “Operation Freedom”

November 13th, 2013

Dr. Janda’s show has brought in some of the leading voices in the finance and precious metals world like Bix Weir, Eric Sprott, and Gerald Celente. However, his claim to fame is not only radio. As you can see in the name, he’s practiced medicine, and that has lead him to many different professions and philosophical beliefs…most notably, his book The Awakening of a Surgeon which was featured on Oprah and explains his accounts of the corruption within government and the healthcare industry.

This interview will be something you don’t want to miss while you’re relaxing on Sunday afternoon. Pasha will join Janda on the show to discuss some recent events in the finance sector as well as the latest with Silver Circle. (hint hint – might be some cool news about our holiday packages!)

You can stream the LIVE Podcast from 3-5pm EST this Sunday. Pasha will be on around 4pm. Check out Dr. Janda’s website here (click “Stream WAAM” on the right-hand side)

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