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Circumventing the beast: Black Market Friday Nov. 29th!

Posted on by megan

Tweet Chances are if everyone is taking part in some sort of ritual, our blog is telling you how to circumvent that ritual or avoid it. Sometimes our advice heeds trouble with the law…but almost always it promotes personal freedom. … Continue reading

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The Economics of Recess

Posted on by Davi Barker

Tweet It’s a bit of a blast from the past but you’ve got to check out this old episode of Disney’s Recess. The series followed six fourth graders, T.J. Detweiler, Ashley Spinelli, Vince LaSalle, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg and Gus Griswald. … Continue reading

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Chicago: Cigarette Taxes Reach $6.67, Pushing Price to $11 Per Pack

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet When governments seek to raise revenues, sin taxes are an easy sell, politically-speaking. After all, products like cigarettes can lead to serious health problems. However, when sin taxes are driven up too far, they become a de facto form … Continue reading

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The Black Market Always Wins… Even in Communist China.

Posted on by Davi Barker

Tweet Imagine you’re a 26 year old high-school dropout working as a factory grunt for a measly $100 a month. And that’s 2010 dollars, not some distant past when that was worth something. You’d probably be pumping your fist against … Continue reading

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