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Government Shutdown Would Only Affect ‘Non-Essential’ Services

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet If we’re to believe the talking heads of the mainstream media, the government is likely to shut down, possibly as soon as tomorrow, and all Hell is about to break loose. Democrats claim that Republicans are holding the government … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Slams Gun Control, Endorses Voluntaryism on Leno

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet Last night, former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote his new book, The School Revolution. Unlike most mainstream media figureheads, Jay Leno has a history of treating Dr. Paul … Continue reading

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Did You Spot the Austrian Economist Tending Bar in ‘Silver Circle’?

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet Each Thursday on this blog, we point out one of the hidden references, called Easter eggs, that have been placed throughout the film for observant fans to find. Keep your eyes peeled for them as you watch Silver Circle … Continue reading

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Northern California Counties Vote to Secede from California

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet California is a geographically massive state. Stretching from the southern border of the United States all the way up the west coast to Oregon, state officials are tasked with finding compromise between communities facing drastically different circumstances. The state … Continue reading

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iPhone’s Fingerprint ID Technology May Threaten Privacy

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Millions of people use the device to surf the web on the go, to perform an ever-expanding array of functions via third-party applications, and to communicate with … Continue reading

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‘Silver Circle’ Director to Sign DVDs, Comics at Granite State Comicon

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 09/23/13 Contact: ‘Silver Circle’ Director Pasha Roberts Will Sign DVDs and Comics at New Hampshire’s Granite Con MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (posted September 23, 2013) – Two Lanterns Media’s thrilling new 3D animated dystopian film … Continue reading

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Venezuela Sets Price Controls on Toilet Paper, Causes Shortage

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet In recent months, Venezuela’s socialist-leaning government has been systematically dismantling its own economy. First, the South American nation’s central bank began devaluing its currency, leading to massive inflation. As prices for basic necessities like food and groceries surged in … Continue reading

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US Army’s Star Trek War Room Is a Replica of the Starship Enterprise

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet Government spending is completely out of control. Bureaucrats and politicians are poor stewards of taxpayers’ hard-earned funds, and the Department of Defense is no exception. Foreign Policy is reporting that officials brought in an expensive Hollywood set designer to … Continue reading

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Jaden Smith: School is brainwashing. Education is rebellion.

Posted on by Davi Barker

Tweet I’ve only seen two Jaden Smith movies, “Karate Kid” and “After Earth.” I was not a huge fan of either, primarily due to the writing, but looking back I am impressed with Jaden’s performance in both, primarily because he … Continue reading

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The Seal of the Federal Reserve Looks Like The Punisher Logo

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet Thursday is Easter egg day on the Silver Circle Silver Underground blog, when we discuss some of the film’s hidden allusions and pop culture references, which are waiting to be discovered by observant viewers. Watch for them while you … Continue reading

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