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US Army’s Star Trek War Room Is a Replica of the Starship Enterprise

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Government spending is completely out of control. Bureaucrats and politicians are poor stewards of taxpayers’ hard-earned funds, and the Department of Defense is no exception. Foreign Policy is reporting that officials brought in an expensive Hollywood set designer to build … Continue reading

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Review: Quantum Vibe by Scott Bieser

Posted on by Davi Barker

Quantum Vibe is a sci-fi web-comic featuring the scientific duo Nicole Oresme and Seamus O’Murchadha. The Robot-girl enters the story late in the series, when she will insist with calculated indignation that she is an android, not a robot. Nicole hails from L-5 city and … Continue reading

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My Favorite Memes (The Uber Meme Song)

Posted on by Davi Barker

Philosoraptors that riddle satiric Joseph Decreux with his archaic lyrics Dorothy Gale as she’s TSA screened These are a few of my favorite memes Agorist Lol cats with Anarchist kittens Obama Girl votes for candidate Mittens Porcupine flags that read … Continue reading

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The Freedom’s Phoenix e-Zine: Sci-Fi Money

Posted on by Davi Barker

  I had the privilege of contributing an article the March issue of the Freedom’s Phoenix E-Zine.

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