FreedomFest 2011: A Review

July 18th, 2011

After four days in the Vegas heat, we’re back from FreedomFest! Silver Circle hit the convention floor in our never-ending quest to promote our rebels and their attempts to take down the Federal Reserve. Joining us at the festival were some of the key players in the liberty movement, such as Steve Forbes, David Boaz, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, host of Fox Business’ Freedom Watch.

On the exhibition floor, the buzz was mainly focused on Wednesday’s Congressional hearing, in which Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke expressed concern over the federal government’s plan to cut spending, and the possibility of yet another round of quantitative easing. Amongst the silver and bullion traders, and there were a lot of them, there was a “here we go again” mentality that has become all too commonplace when the Chairman speaks. However, whenever Mr. Bernanke talks, gold and silver prices go up almost immediately. Last thursday, silver prices rose to around $38/ounce after the press conference, which made the traders happy, but also demonstrates the lack of confidence in the dollar, which continues to lose value. Even though our film is set in the year 2019, the doomsday scenario of hyperinflation may get here a lot quicker than that.

A new addition to FreedomFest was the Anthem Film Festival, which we are proud to be a part of this time around. This festival hopes to spread the message of liberty through independent films and catchy stories. Keeping with the times, most films are financially based, and how government regulation and crony politics was the reason behind the recession, and will be the cause of future recessions. That Friday morning, Silver Circle released a sneak peek, and made its presence felt, especially with the numerous people walking by the booth saying “End the Fed!” when they saw our T-shirts.

FreedomFest is the kind of festival that has something for anybody who wants to be part of the liberty movement. Guest speakers like Judge Napolitano, Rand Paul, and Herman Cain always provide entertaining conversation, while the number of booths on the floor reflect the diversity of people that are involved, whether its financial interests or philosophical ones. Plus, it’s in Las Vegas, so when the festival is over, you can just go outside and gamble (if you’re of age), eat, take in a show, or just go for a stroll down the Vegas Strip. It’s a fun time, and definitely worth the trip to Vegas, if you needed any more reasons to go.


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