Will Obama Tap Andrew Cuomo for VP in 2012?

July 5th, 2011

Andy Cuomo (left) could be the new VP choice if Joe Biden (right) moves to the job of Secretary of State

Amidst the shake-up in Washington over the President’s cabinet, there could be one more position that may need filling soon: Vice President.

According to the New York Post, there are rumors emerging that President Obama may tap New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as his Vice Presidential nominee for the 2012 election, while current Vice President Joe Biden replaces Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Governor Cuomo was elected last year after former Governor David Patterson chose not to seek re-election amidst a cloud of scandals. Since taking office, Mr. Cuomo has carved out an image of a moderate to conservative Democrat through his tough approach to public-sector unions, his pledge to clean up the New York State Legislature, as well as deregulation of gas drilling and deep spending cuts to balance his budget. This will probably be the image President Obama wants for himself if he wishes to keep his job for another four years.

The White House has so far denied the rumors of a replacement for Mr. Biden, but his history of on-air gaffes and outlandish off-the-cuff statements may be a factor in how the Democrats shape their 2012 ticket, especially given Mr. Cuomo’s popularity in New York and the name recognition that comes with being a big-state governor.

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