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Woody Harrelson, the Anarchist

Posted on by Barry Donegan

In an interview with Details, film star Woody Harrelson was asked his views on politics. He is known for speaking out on a wide range of issues such as foreign policy and the legalization of marijuana. In fact, he challenged … Continue reading

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FBI Gone Wild: Anarchist Witch Hunt Comes to Portlandia

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Growing up, Americans hear stories of Joseph Stalin’s security forces snatching political dissidents in the night. Few realize the extent to which this is happening right here in the United States. Using mild property damage caused at the May Day … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Rebel of the Week: Lysander Spooner

Posted on by Davi Barker

It’s been an unorthodox week here at Silver Underground because it just so happened that the SOPA Protest Blackout yesterday fell on the same day we normally announce the Rebel of the Week. Since we participated in the blackout we … Continue reading

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