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Discussing the Economic Crisis with Ranting Andy of Miles Franklin

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Recently, Silver Circle began showing at a variety of premiere events across the United States, packing theaters in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, and Austin, TX. Given that Silver Circle is an independent film that challenges mainstream … Continue reading

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Agenda 420: The UN Plots Against US Marijuana Legalization

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Activists concerned with preserving US sovereignty often expose scenarios in which the United Nations attempts to wrestle authority away from legitimate democratic institutions. For example, Tea Partiers often cite Agenda 21 as an illegitimate attempt by the UN to impose … Continue reading

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Marijuana Prohibition Harms Public Safety

Posted on by Barry Donegan

In this year’s presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, no one broached the subject of the War on Drugs. To many politicos, it’s viewed as a silly wedge issue. However, public support for the decriminalization of marijuana is … Continue reading

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