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The DIY, Indie Media Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Pop Friday Broadcast TV and terrestrial radio have dominated the entertainment industry for quite some time. These dying technologies feature top-down content delivery systems, allowing a limited number of companies to choose what songs, movies, or television shows consumers are … Continue reading

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33 Years Later, Re-Election of Gov Jerry Brown Makes Dead Kennedys Lyrics Sound New Again

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Old-school punk rockers certainly recall the Dead Kennedys’ classic political hardcore punk anthem “California Uber Alles.” Released in June of 1979, the ominous opening bass riff foreshadowed a savage lyrical thrashing of the ’70s California political establishment. The song is … Continue reading

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Introducing New Silver Circle Blogger, Barry Donegan

Posted on by Barry Donegan

As the new blogger here at Silver Circle, I would like to take the time to introduce myself to the existing community that has coalesced around this highly-anticipated animated film. Filling the shoes of Wes Messamore from The Humble Libertarian … Continue reading

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Pirates Developing a DIY Space Program to bypass SOPA

Posted on by Davi Barker

Space, “the final frontier,” has long been the exclusive domain of the State because they were the only organization that had both the tremendous resources necessary to get there and the willingness to waste those resources with no foreseeable economic … Continue reading

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