Rebel of the Week: Jesse “The Body” Ventura

August 4th, 2010
I don’t think this Rebel needs much of an introduction. With his experience in the military, politics, and the big screen Ventura has seen and heard it all and plans to share it…

To focus on the present, I recently read that during the shoot of a “Conspiracy Theories” episode (for Season 2) Ventura was denied access to the Arlington Cemetery. The episode was focusing on the JFK assassination. Ken Hawes, director of the Army’s Public Affairs office considered the topic of this episode “inappropriate”.

Ventura and his crew did get the shot, however had to break through some red tape.
Ventura has constantly spoke against the wars abroad and the corruption in centralized government. He has taken his message to the mainstream, which can feel a bit sensationalized at times…however what’s so bad about a range of outreach. He is most definitely reaching out to an audience some activists just can’t get to.
Congrats Jesse Ventura for being the Rebel of the Week. Perhaps you are looking to spark up your movie career? Perhaps you like movies about centralized banking and action? Animation even? If that’s the case contact us, we could use your many talents!

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