Character Names: We need your help!

November 12th, 2009

Happy to report that our script is taking shape! Here’s a look at our leading man and lady for the film. We’ve gone through a few name changes as the story has developed, but we may have finally settled on them…
The leading lady here is a strong, sexy, and rebellious leader of an underground movement to take down the federal reserve. We’re thinking of calling her “Star”; it’s unique, strong, but still feminine.
The leading man here (in not so finished form) is a strong, smart, incorruptible, detective type. He hates office politics and refuses to “play the game”…he’d be a lot more successful if he did now and then. We’re thinking of calling him “Zak”; it’s also a strong name and not very common.
So, what do you think? We’ve been discussing in-house for a while, and would LOVE to hear from some unbiased outsiders! Vote now!
Do you like these character names?

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