Obtuse Award: Sarah Jessica Parker

June 15th, 2012

This week’s Obtuse Award goes to Sarah Jessica Parker. And George Clooney. And Stephen Spielberg. Any dumb, liberal celebrity gullible enough, uncritical enough, and shameless enough to lend their time, money, talent, name, and energy to the purpose of reelecting President George W. Bush 2.0 (that is, Mr. Barack H. Obama)…

So whatever, you got fooled the first time. That’s okay. A lot of Americans did. It was a confusing time. People were desperate for anything that gave them hope, and Obama did offer them Hope. After eight years of Bush, they were decidedly on the side of change, and Obama promised them Change. Even then, if you were actually paying attention, Barack Obama’s record of votes in the US Senate and the number of donations he was getting from Wall Street was really all you needed to know with some level of certainty that he would turn out to be just as bad as Bush or worse. But I’m not going to fault you for missing that or hold it against you.

But now, over three years into Obama’s first term in office, with a record worse than anything Bush ever did, there’s just no excuse for supporting his reelection bid. Any honest liberal should be appalled at what he’s done as president. (Conclusion: Glenn Greenwald is an honest liberal. Christ Matthews is an uncritically partisan sycophant who’s easily led and fawns over power, pretty much the opposite of what all liberals aspire to be and imagine themselves to be.)

And don’t give me this fluffy, post hoc, “Well this job is hard, and change takes time, and he’s doing his best, but what can a guy do with all these Republicans determined to make him fail?” BS. I’m not going to buy it. Sure if someone spent eight years partying in a house and tearing it to pieces with broken windows everywhere, the carpet soaked in spilled drinks and refuse, garbage piled up all around, and open flames bursting out of metal trash cans, then you could cut someone else some slack for taking a long time to clean it all up, but this isn’t a fair analogy for Obama’s Administration at all. He hasn’t fervently attacked the mess with mop and bucket, and merely failed to make a dent in such a colossal dump. It would be more like if he invited even more people over and made an even bigger mess than the one he started with. Set the whole place on fire or something.

Another analogy: America is speeding toward a cliff and an imminent crash at the bottom. Sure if you magically switched drivers and the second driver hit the brakes hard, but the momentum was just too much and the car skidded off the cliff, then you could forgive the second driver for doing his best. But what if instead of hitting the brakes hard, the second driver hit the gas even harder than the first driver? Any fair look at Obama’s Administration cannot yield any other interpretation of his actions.

Bush signed the Patriot Act into law. Obama continues to sign its renewal instead of vetoing it. He even voted for its renewal as Senator so we should have seen this coming. Bush left tens of thousands of American soldiers in Afghanistan after nearly wiping out Al Qaeda to guard poppy fields and fight a foreign, ethnic civil war against Pashtun insurgents. Obama sent 17,000 more his first month as president and 30,000 more on top of that before reaching his first full year in the White House. Bush claimed the legal right to spy on Americans without due process. Obama claims (and has openly exercised) the legal right to execute Americans without due process.

When Bush carried out these lesser abuses, Democrats and Hollywood liberal types didn’t merely criticize them as less-than-ideal, ancillary public policies; they reacted to them as an existential threat to the very nature of our form of government, a radical and unprecedented departure from the properly American way of life and view of law. Now that Mr. Obama is committing each and every one of these Bush era abuses, only on steroids, the same crowd is working hard to raise money for him and help him campaign.

If you’re gullible enough to sincerely think Obama is one of the good guys at this point in his administration, then you deserve an Obtuse Award.

If you’re not so gullible, good for you. Bonus points if you also realize that Obama doesn’t even really matter that much anyways, that he’s just the latest marketing move in the establishment’s necessarily never-ending rebranding of itself.

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About the Author: Wes

Wesley Messamore, 24, is an independent journalist and political activist who believes in the Founding Father's vision of a free, enlightened, and moral America. He also blogs at HumbleLibertarian.com