Egyptians and Chaldeans Had This Idea Before The Rebels Did

September 16th, 2010

The use of silver  can be tracked back almost 2600 years ago.  Chaldeans, tribes that settled in Southern Iraq and Kuwait, processed some of the first materials of lead-silver ore to use in exchange for goods and utility uses around the year 2500 B.C.  In Egypt around 930 B.C. silver was considered more valuable than gold.

Using silver coins as money began later (300 B.C.), and was thought to have started in Lydian (now known as Turkey).  However, these coins were an extra special synergy of metals called “Electrum”.  The coin was called a “Trite” and was made of a mixture of gold and silver.

Precious metals have been used almost as far back as human existence.  As we know silver is still used today and if you are a real PM market fanatic you see that silver is up to $20.68! It’s popularity has not decreased, only the use of fiat currency has increased.  Economist Milton Friedman states:

“The majority of monetary metal in history is silver, not gold”

In previous posts we have discussed all the industrial as well as health based uses for silver, so its value at this point is apparent.  Stay tuned to see what kind of use the “Rebels” get out of their rounds.

H/T to Rick Mills, original post here.

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