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October 8th, 2010

If you have ever taken a basic Communication course in secondary education you would have learned that all of our media is controlled by a hand full of corporations (well if in fact you have a hand from a person who grew up in the southwest near a nuclear power plant). What I am getting at is since the 80′s the amount of media ownership has dwindled to a mere 6 conglomerates. When it comes to news what are the stations you turn to? NBC? FOX? MSNBC? ABC News? Guess what, any branch of news you receive on TV/most radio/most print is coming from one of these 6 sources:

  1. Time Warner
  2. Walt Disney
  3. Viacom
  4. News Corporation
  5. CBS Corporation
  6. NBC Universal

After a poll we conducted with our readership over a 24 hour period results showed predictable results for this day and age.  I am aware that most of our readership is inclined to gathering information in an unorthodox fashion but some of the “other” responses speak volume.  ”Twitter” was sited as more resourceful than a news station on cable television.  While one must always be careful with any form of news you digest, you tend to see more and more scrutiny brought against MSM today.

View complete results of our poll:

Blogs ARE the turn of the century in news media.  More and more stories are reaching the surface on the blurring line between journalism and blogging. Even the court system has had to step in, oh and let’s not forget about the Wikileaks story. We have found ourselves at a cross roads in the information world.  Which way will then general population decide to go?  Absorbing news from consolidated new sources with little to no diversity in their content, or will the majority take to the web and find out answers for themselves within the millions of blogs/vlogs available.  Perhaps it will be a mix of both.

h/t to my college education and for the research.

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