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November 23rd, 2010

“The Road to Rebel-hood”

My name is Zoe, and I’m what you might call a rebel — against the state, that is!  I hope that you have checked out  to my upcoming movie Silver Circle, in which I am in the starring role!  I am here to offer my advice and to answer your questions related to freedom fighting on a weekly basis.  Please submit your questions to !

Lots of airports are getting these full body scanners, and there is lots of news about the TSA getting pretty aggressive with them.  Apparently you get the choice between unhealthy radiation plus strangers looking at your naked body, or if you opt-out you get hassled and groped.  What’s going on – and what do I do if I need to fly?  So Zoe – what do you do?
– Concerned in Connecticut

Dear Concerned,
It’s not what I do, it is what I don’t do!  I choose not to fly!  I find alternative means of transportation, even if it takes longer or it is out of the way.  I always keep in mind that I own my own body and I do not consent for it to be seen naked or touched inappropriately.
However, if you must fly, there are a couple options available.  First, you could choose an airport that has not already implemented full body scanners, then there is no problem (except you still have to deal with the TSA to some extent).  If you cannot make it to a different airport, you can choose to opt out of the scanner, but be prepared to be groped and touched by a TSA officer.
There have been studies that the scanners also emit radiation into your body, but this is not 100% confirmed.  Either way, your privacy is being destroyed.
The body scanners and TSA pat downs do not take into account a few controversial subjects.  Scanners may be embarrassing to those with body image problems or even to people who have had sex change operations.  Pat downs can be complicated for homosexuals, who may feel awkward with a TSA officer of the same sex fondling them, as well as people lying about their orientation for a “free feel” from a member of the opposite sex.   Both scanners and groping may be harmful for people who have been victims of sexual abuse or harassment in the past — or may be disturbing for child to go through.
What is interesting about this situation with the TSA is that it is not just the freedom loving libertarians who are fighting these procedures — but members of the left and the right are also up in arms over this subject.  This is great news because it seems as if everyone is becoming educated on some of the fundamentals of liberty — self ownership, privacy, limited to no government, and more.  Educate as many people as you can on this subject, write op-eds and post all over your social networking sites.
Also, If you’re not flying, I would recommend getting involved with the “We Won’t Fly” grassroots efforts and protests, especially the one that is taking place on November 24th, 2010!
The main goal of these protests is to educate the public and to get as many people to opt out of the scanners as possible.  You must abide to the groping procedure or risk being detained, arrested or fined, so make sure to report the TSA conduct to the EPIC, file a complaint with the ACLU and fill out an online TSA complaint after flying.

Also, check out Silver Circle’s Rebel of the Week Smeg Mclain who heroically stood up for herself against the TSA agents.  A woman after my own heart!

I heard that the Federal Reserve is trying to pass another stimulus!  This time it could be up to 1 trillion dollars!  What can we do?
– ‘Fraid of the Fed

Dear ‘Fraid,
This is scary news considering that in the movie Silver Circle there is a horrible inflation crisis due to the Federal Reserve in 2019 — I can relate!
In case readers are uneducated on the Federal Reserve system, let me explain a few things.  The Federal Reserve is a monopoly on the power to coin “money” in the United States — the endless amounts of fiat currency printed can even be considered counterfeit according to the Constitution.  The Federal Reserve is not part of the federal government, it is a private corporation that is allowed to buy its paper currency for the price of paper, ink and labor.  Thanks to fractional reserve banking, America does not have a permanent money supply and most has been borrowed into existence.  Lastly, the Federal Reserve is not audited and pretty much can do whatever it wants with little to no consequences.  Sounds like a wonderful system, right?
While it may seem impossible, there is a lot to do to tackle the Fed — first, get off the fiat currency system as much as possible.  Purchase silver coins and use them at participating merchants through groups such as DelValley Silver– which gives you the opportunity to find easy bartering solutions.  My favorite way to work around the Federal Reserve is to participate in agorism.  Agorism includes working in the black or grey markets to form a counter-ecoomic system of voluntary exchanges within a free market.
Secondly, get involved with an End the Fed protest, taking place bi-annually at many of the Federal Reserve banks across the country.  In fact, protests took place just this past weekend, on Saturday, November 20th, 2010, such as in , with Silver Circle staff members participating, , and !  Blow off some steam and educate the community at the same time!
Lastly, be prepared for a crisis situation — pieces of paper don’t even make good toilet paper!  Invest in goods that will retrain value even when fiat currency will not — food, water and household products for example!

Check out “Fed News Friday” blog post from the Silver Circle Underground for more information on the Federal Reserve!

Thank you for your questions this week!  Remember to with some more for next time!

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Megan is the Marketing Manager for Silver Circle who spends endless amounts of time on making sure the word gets out about this film and graphic novel! As a liberty activist since '08 she also has gained a passion for advancing liberty in her personal life and helping others to do the same. Questions about getting involved with the film, events, liberty, and hip-hop can go straight to her!