Congress…Writing Its Own Laws?? Revolutionary!

June 30th, 2011

Making Congress Write the Laws? What a great idea!

The Constitution authorizes the legislative branch to set the laws that the country follows. Yet the last few decades, Congress has signed over legislative authority to “independent” agencies within the government. For example, food laws are now determined by the USDA, environmental laws are now done by the EPA, and most egregious of all, our monetary policy is now determined by the Federal Reserve. These agencies are run by unelected officials, who pass laws unchecked by Congress, or any other legislator. Fortunately, the activist group Downsize DC is trying to change that.

Their legislation, called the Write the Laws Act, would affirm the responsibility of Congress, and only Congress, to write the laws. This proposal would hopefully erode the authority of quasi-governmental agencies to pass laws unilaterally with little or no checks on their power, which supporters believe is the reason behind our out-of-control government. According to the letter being sent around congressmen, the bill would be a pledge that all laws would be “written by Congress, read by Congress, debated by Congress, and voted by Congress.”

Our rebels have to deal with an out-of-control Federal Reserve that controls the economy in the name of price stability. If this act were to pass, the Fed wouldn’t be able to do such things because Congress would be there to prevent them from doing so. It would be the same for every government agency currently in existence, and all that exist in the future. We will have more news on this legislation as it comes to us.

H/T Downsize DC

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