PorcFest 2011: A Chance to See Liberty in Action

June 14th, 2011

Monday June 20th, the 8th annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) commences, and has  plans of being bigger and better than ever (and I’m not just talking about ). This year’s attendance is looking to surpass 1,000 and with the change of structure we are bound to have an abundant amount of activities and freedom within the pearly gates of Roger’s Campground.



No longer will there be a tent in the middle of the kickball field with vendors waiting for someone to come off the beaten path and check out what they’ve got , NO! This year we have where over 70 vendors will be doing business with whatever they want, to whoever they want, minus the red tape, FDA regulations, and any other bureaucratic crap the state has to offer. The only guidelines is be good to your neighbor and customers to assure satisfaction and their own personal safety. If you have a hard time swallowing this idea, I highly recommend experiencing business without the reigns of the state pulling back on innovation and competition at, what better place than, PorcFest?

Silver Circle will be joining for their 2nd year in a row, and I have to brag that this is my 3rd PorcFest! This year Silver Circle is coming in full force as THE Platinum Sponsor of the entire week! The characters in the film and comic book, releasing THIS YEAR, have been inspired through and through by attendees at this event as well as the strong and growing Free State Project that exists in New Hampshire. This year we will be showing our appreciation by sponsoring a number of events/venues: The Teen Mixer, the Silver Circle Bon Fire (located next to the main pavilion), the first East Coast screening of Lady Magdelene, PorcFest Eye’s Only (bring your CosPlay), Zombie recharge station, the sponsors of Buzz’s Big Gay Costume Contest, and we’re holding an FRN burning ceremony Friday night. WHEW! We will be busy!

For those of you coming by to visit us in Agora Alley you can find us on Amagi Avenue site #19 with 1 oz. and 1/10 oz. rounds of silver for purchase. We will also be making change for people looking for lower denominations of silver. We’ll have -->End the Fed shirts --> and several awesome bumper stickers for sale. If you join our newsletter today and mark that you learned about us through PorcFest, I’ll make sure you receive a special gift.

I personally view PorcFest as an introductory event to real liberty. I have found myself feeling apprehensive of bringing friends who have not been exposed to the ideas of State-Free living. There are some things at PorcFest that take a certain understanding to feel comfortable around in this day and age like: open carrying, the recreational plants, the unpasteurized milk, tattooing, etc.  So if a potential attendee is looking to learn about liberty, pursue the lifestyle, and has been exposed to it prior to this event, I feel more than comfortable with the invite. Maybe it sounds like I’m babying the untrained ears and eyes, but I’ve seen some wild things at PorcFest and I want to make sure newcomers do not get the wrong idea about the philosophy.

We have recently hired on a summer intern and he will be joining us at PorcFest this year helping out just about everywhere. This is his first account with the annual festival and he will be sharing his daily sentiments and experiences at the event (wifi pending). A reflection of the event from his perspective will follow. I’m really curious to hear what you think John!

RSVP to the Silver Circle events, join our newsletter, and tell your friends about the event. It is a great place to grow individually as well as strengthen the liberty movement one activist at a time.



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