So, Our Laws Also Apply to Other Countries

July 13th, 2011

Some of you have have heard of the recent controversy with Microsoft and its business meddles with the EU. In order for Microsoft 365 to function with EU’s database, the EU might have to let some things slide, like the free range snooping that the US’s Patriot Act allows at businesses in the US. Apparently even housing your data at an American company can cause abuse of the 4th amendment rights you don’t even have through the Constitution.

When Suzanne of at ZDNet tried inquiring more about the company’s patriotic policies and if they’d even carry over to Australia, she was given this response from representatives of Microsoft:

Any company with a presence in the US is legally required to respond to a valid demand from the US government for information if the company retains custody or control over the data. This is the case, regardless of where the data is stored or the existence of any conflicting obligations under the laws where the data is located. Microsoft will only respond to government requests for enterprise customer data when legally required, and, understanding general customer concerns in this area, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify those customers in advance, unless we are legally prohibited from doing so.


Also according to Microsoft there are basically “no guarantees” that a company’s data may be safe from an unlawful search and seizure of information. I understand most of these companies are following instructions as to avoid penalties, but with the Patriot Act applicable even with another country’s info where do you draw the line on unjust laws? Can we not escape them? While we focus on jobs, the economy, and the Fed’s latest shpeel on their ideal and unrealistic monetary utopia…don’t forget about some government laws that could cause some serious backlash with “allies” overseas.

About the Author: megan

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