A Brief Message for Washington

August 8th, 2011

Ok listen up DC, and listen good!

Sure, the S&P downgraded us, and they might do so again, but come on, you’re surprised? Are you really shocked that a ratings agency finally realized a nation with nearly $15 trillion in debt and no plans to contain it may not be AAA material? Rather than use the ceiling hike as a way of making much-needed spending cuts, you passed the ball over to a super committee that has to do this whole song and dance all over again. I wouldn’t lend money to you if my life depended on it!

Now there there are people saying our days as the economic kings of the world are at an end. They don’t have to be if we just discuss ways to actually cut the debt and deficit so we can get our good name back. It’s not over yet, so don’t throw in the towel. Get back from your vacations and do something!

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