Hugo Chavez Takes Over Gold Mining in Venezuela

August 17th, 2011

Now the property of the Venezuelan government

Hugo Chavez always seems like he’s trying to win the award for “biggest enemy of the free market”, which is reflected in his nationalization policies that he has pursued during his time in office, much to the expense of Venezuela’s economy. Today, Mr. Chavez is expanding his nationalization racket to one of the most in-demand markets in the world: gold mining.

Mr. Chavez is moving to nationalize the mining industries of Venezuela, which holds one of the largest reserves of gold in the world, which would put Canadian mining company Rusoro, the only foreign mining company operating in the country, in jeopardy. The reason behind the move is to increase the financial reserves of the government at a time when gold is reaching historic highs, while at the same time consolidating his grip over his nation’s economy.

Our rebels are in a fight to break the government’s monopoly over the printing of money. We thought that the doomsday setting in our comic is a work of science fiction, but a similar scenario is playing out in Venezuela, and its more than just a ban of private money printing: it’s a ban on private anything. Hopefully there are some rebels in that country with the courage to stand up to this massive power grab by their president.

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