Gaddafi’s Gold

September 14th, 2011

It’s official. The Pentagon has confirmed that despite numerous assurances from the Commander in Chief  that it would not require American troops there are now US boots trampling the sands of Libya. But don’t worry. According to Pentagon spokesman Captain John Kirby these troops are only expected to be there for a short while. Just like Obama said. Days not weeks. Or was it months not years? Whatever.

The question is, why Libya? If it was really about liberating people from a tyrant wouldn’t it make more sense to intervene in Syria, or for god’s sake Saudi Arabia? The postcards from the Saudi Ministry of Tourism would probably make good fund raising material for Human Rights Watch.

So, it’s gotta be oil right? But Canada and Mexico both produce more barrels than Libya. And again, Saudi Arabia produces more than both those countries combined. So, what gives?

Like so many things is this world, the motivation of the authoritarian sociopaths pulling the strings in their smokey rooms may have more to do with the banking system than any egalitarian cause.

Gaddafi is no friend of international banksters. The Libyan government runs the Central Bank of Libya, issuing loans completely without interest just to contrast itself from the fractional reserve banking system. He imagines Libya as some kind of socialist paradise funded by their vast oil wealth and himself as the self-proclaimed “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution.” Anyone who has flipped through Gaddafi’s “Little Green Book” has to wonder if he’s not the one putting LSD in his Nescafe. His economic acumen is not exactly well developed, but he’s got one thing right.

In the months leading up to the US intervention in Libya, Gaddafi had been organizing African and Arab nations to adopt a new international currency to unseat the US Dollar as the standard for the sale of oil. Gaddafi planed to introduce the Islamic Gold Dinar… that’s right… terrorist money! That may sound hyperbolic, but in the recent landmark case against the Liberty Dollar, a privately minted silver medallion, US Attorney Anne Tompkins stated, “Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of economic terrorism.”

Pricing goods from African and Middle Eastern countries in gold instead of dollars could wreck economic havoc on the US economy as all those dollars flood back to American shores. You see, to the banksters, gold and silver currency is the single most terrifying threat to the dollar’s hegemony. So Gaddafi may be proving, as many of us know already, that even though the dollar isn’t backed by gold it may be backed by lead, or even depleted uranium.

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