Gold and Silver Cub Numbers Are Growing!

November 29th, 2011

“The popularity of gold among young investors speaks to the metal’s impressive role as a storer of wealth-”

We’ve scoured a few precious metal conferences around the country to find out where the youth are in relation to this new, hot investment option. Our target demographics for Silver Circle, and one of the main reasons behind the message of this film, are the 16-35 year olds. It’s time to help the next generation escape the vicious cycle that previous generations haven’t been conscious enough to avoid – a corrupt marketplace. I’m not saying that the precious metals market doesn’t have their fair share of outside manipulation (see to learn more about one of the most popular examples); what I’m saying is young people are waking up to the financial realities around them. The portfolios of the future will contain less big business stocks and more hard assets, at least within the crowd of youth that are paying attention.

One investment company, Gold Bullion International, even reported that half of their recently opened accounts were from investors ranging in age from 25-35. Clearly the word is getting out, although many people could argue that the precious metal market still isn’t as mainstream as it once will be. 

With the Federal Reserve becoming a popular topic among politicians and mainstream media sources, it’s important to not to forget that one of the most popular places to find information about the Federal Reserve is online, where this particular age group spends A LOT of their time. Becoming knowledgable about the Federal Reserve could lead anyone away from investments connected with the dollar, unless of course you know how to successfully play out stocks from the massively subsidized companies…however those opportunities won’t last forever.

The failure of governments around the world to stabilize their economies, along with industrial and demand factors, gold and silver have outperformed almost every other commodity imaginable and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. I can only hope that our film opens the eyes of those who are not paying attention to the signs at this point. Perhaps our action-packed movie will give people another chance hop on the precious metals boat before it’s too late (although many would argue that getting into gold and silver is better late than never).

Kurt Brouwer of thinks that bullion will be the way to go because of the reasons these young adults are heading in that direction, security and possibly the thought of a crashing dollar. Bullion can be used as currency, unlike ETF’s and mining stocks (although those are still valid investment options).

The numbers are growing. I don’t think this will stop anytime soon. Way to go gold and silver cubs!

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About the Author: megan

Megan is the Marketing Manager for Silver Circle who spends endless amounts of time on making sure the word gets out about this film and graphic novel! As a liberty activist since '08 she also has gained a passion for advancing liberty in her personal life and helping others to do the same. Questions about getting involved with the film, events, liberty, and hip-hop can go straight to her!