The Story Behind “Bitch Why’d You Taze Me?!”

November 9th, 2011

It was just another day shooting in the studio, tackling an action scene with ease…our actors proved to be efficient and talented individuals that gave us little trouble. Man I wish we could rewind to the days of filming in our green screen studio; it really was an amazing experience.

In one of the action scenes in the film a character takes a modern-day-po-po-like approach to warding off a threat by tazing the shit out of another character. Of course in our case, we weren’t actually working with a taser, instead a cell phone with neon gaffer tape around it. Animation will allow us to make a much sweeter device! The script doesn’t include much dialogue except for some “ughhhh’s” and a flop onto the floor. However, there was one take where the actor lifted themself off the ground, turned around to the taser-er and added a vociferous, “Bitch…why’d you taze me?!?!?!” The studio erupted, wondering if this genius improvisational moment was a keeper.

From here we decided to leave this comment out of the film but allow it to remain in our hearts….errrr bumpers, forever:


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So if you all have been wondering where this came from, now you know!

I like how our inside joke has caught fire in the liberty movement and beyond, not just because of the hilarity of the statement, but because the use of tasers are becoming more and more common with law enforcement. We are shedding light on the police abuse, while also delivering with humor (one of the best forms of persuasion if you ask me!).

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