This Is Your Brain On Government: DEA Agent Won’t Say If Heroin Is Worse For Someone’s Health Than Marijuana

June 30th, 2012

This is absolutely priceless. Following a string of federal scandals involving the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart attended a DEA Oversight Judiciary Subcommittee hearing to testify before Congress. In the video below, during a frank exchange with Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), who was absolutely not going to let the DEA bureaucrat get away with filibustering, evading questions, or giving meaningless answers; Leonhart actually refused to say that heroin is worse for someone’s health than marijuana…

As the congressman repeatedly asked, “Is heroin worse for your health than marijuana?” “Is methamphetamine worse for your health than marijuana?” the bureaucrat refused to answer, responding to each query by saying that both are bad for your health. Exasperated, the legislator interrupted to say: “Yes, no, or I don’t know– I mean, if you don’t know, uh, you can look this up, you should know this as the chief administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency [sic]. I’m asking a very straightforward question: Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana.” And then I nearly died laughing when the stunned and dazed Drug Warrior uttered this profound gem in retort: “All illegal drugs, are, are bad.”

I can’t decide what’s more funny about this video, the fact that this cop overseeing the federal government’s War on Drugs seemed so slow and dim-witted in this footage that I could swear she was smoking some marijuana to calm her nerves before the hearing, or the fact that the way she said, “All illegal drugs, are, are bad,” had precisely the same tone and comical quality of Ed Helms as Andy Bernard in an episode of The Office, when he said it would be easy to be an art critic– all he would have to say is, “That painting is bad.”

When the congressman asked, “Is methamphetamine more addictive than marijuana?” Leonhart answered, “*awkward pause* *gulp* (seriously) Well… both are addictive.” Polis then asked, “Is methamphetamine more highly addictive than marijuana?” and Leonheart actually answered, “I think that some people, uh, become addicted to marijuana, and some people become addicted to methamphetamines.” ROFL! I’m so glad we’ve got a government bureaucrat to tell our representatives in Congress that (she thinks) some people become addicted to marijuana and some people become addicted to methamphetamines! My, oh my, whatever would Americans do without the government to look out for them with such sage guardians running its departments?

And again, I can’t help but repeat how funny it is that she keeps giving these inane, useless answers that sound like something a stoner would find deeply profound while high out of their mind on marijuana. Her reaction time is slow. She seems to have comprehension issues with the congressman’s questions. She’s also clearly suspicious of where his line of questioning is leading– we might even say a little paranoid. This is your brain on bureaucracy. Looks like too much government might be worse for your mind than a bag of marijuana.

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About the Author: Wes

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