Today’s Highlights from #40Dollars

December 22nd, 2011

So the Twitter page released a question monday morning that spurred quite a bit of controversy in the feeds. What does #40Dollars mean to you? To sum up the divisive argument (per usual) happening in Congress: the payroll tax-cut expires December 31st. It must be renewed for American tax-payers or the rate will hop from 4.6% to 6.2% – AKA about #40Dollars every biweekly pay period. Republicans want the payroll tax-cut to be extended for two years, Democrats with the help from Obama are planning only a two month extension.  They can’t seem to find a middle ground, and if they don’t, the tax rate will increase on January 1st — among other consequences.

So Obama’s savvy social media squad took to the airwaves in hopes to press Republican leaders to agree upon the two month extension in hopes to discuss more of the cuts later. Responses drew in from all over the country, truly the best showing in a White House Twitter campaign so far! I’m a sucker for a good tweet, so here are some highlights from today’s banter:

@ChiBarb: Not giving tax dollars to Solyndra would equal 13,375,000 people with #40dollars

@StrawberryTech: If I had a job I “might” see #40dollars but… What’s up with the NDAA? Why aren’t we talking about our freedom?? Indefinite detention 4 us?

@_patjohnson_: #40dollars barely gets a box and a half of ammo

an extra  wouldn’t mean anything… because i couldn’t get any since im one of the  | (there’s a whole other can of worms)

I’d say both parties would very quickly agree on a payrise for themselves! 

a bra for Barney Frank (LOL)

@DeepLove_#40dollars use to be big sh!t when i was 12

So what I’ve gathered from a lot of the conversation is confusion over the meaning of each side’s stance and also a growing trend of fundamental concerns. People are wondering why we are discussing #40Dollars instead of the $14 trillion debt. If there wasn’t a high deficit, we wouldn’t even need this payroll tax!

Yeesh, I thought of 100′s of smart-alec tweets, but I’ll leave it up to you to join the convo. Post your comment here or visit Twitter and tag us @silvercirclemov in your tweet so we can RT you!



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