When The Sh** Hits The Fan: You Might Be Safer In The City Than The Country

April 21st, 2012

Photo: DailyAnarchist.com


It may defy conventional survivalist wisdom, but in a total collapse of civil order kind of scenario, like the one you could conceivably face in the aftermath of the inevitable monetary collapse, it might be safer in the city than the country for you. Here’s why.

But then again, the conventional wisdom might be correct after all. Here’s the other side. You read and decide and make up your own mind. Then comment in the thread below and tell us what you think!

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About the Author: Wes

Wesley Messamore, 24, is an independent journalist and political activist who believes in the Founding Father's vision of a free, enlightened, and moral America. He also blogs at HumbleLibertarian.com