#TinFoilTuesday – Has Ron Paul Been Threatened By The Fed Into Suspending His Campaign in Primary States?

May 22nd, 2012

As we noted here on Friday, America’s most visible sound-money advocate, US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul actually had breakfast with Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, May 9th. Just a few days later, on Monday, May 14th– just as Ron Paul’s supporters had begun whipping themselves into a frenzy over the very real possibility of a first ballot mutiny in Tampa that would deliver the Republican Party’s nomination to Ron Paul– his presidential campaign released an email to supporters announcing that he would no longer actively campaign in the remaining primary states, seeking instead to consolidate his delegate totals leading into the convention. The email sounded so concessionary that the media jumped on it as an opportunity to misreport that Ron Paul had dropped out of the race. Isn’t the timing just a little bit odd?

After a string of stunning upsets and correspondingly big delegate wins at state GOP conventions, many supporters would have expected the Ron Paul campaign to come out with guns blazing, full of bravado and energy, ready to take on the challenge of winning in the upcoming primary contests in Ron Paul’s own home state of Texas and in California, where delegates are allocated by congressional district and where Ron Paul’s antiwar, pro-civil liberties agenda could win the day. Instead of stoking the flames of enthusiasm, his campaign threw water on the coals.

Now it’s possible that Ron Paul just honestly doesn’t want to be president of the United States and never has. Now that a viable and feasible path to the Oval Office has opened up before him, now that it looks like his supporters can capture enough delegates and use enough parliamentary ninja-work to actually win him the Republican nomination, maybe Paul is panicking. Also possible, is that Ron Paul fears the adversarial tone and a major coup at the national convention would undo all of the inroads his movement has made into the party machinery. Finally, Paul’s campaign might just be misdirecting media attention and preparing for plausible deniability while the ninja delegate strategy takes shape. Or… just a few days before the email went out, something happened at that breakfast at the Federal Reserve.

There’s no smoking gun here to prove it, but it is fun theory, isn’t it? The timing of his breakfast at the Fed with the Paul campaign’s controversial email announcement makes the explanatory power of this theory quite elegant. As a robust sound-money, anti-Fed movement makes ready to sweep into power, a sweep that by all accounts looks like it could very well succeed, the head of the movement is invited to a breakfast at the Federal Reserve Bank with its chairman. The chairman tells this monetary insurgent to leash his supporters and avert his impending electoral victory or else… or else, what? How does one blackmail a man as principled as we all know Congressman Ron Paul to be? It would have to be with a threat of some kind, a threat of violence or some other unpleasant reprisal on someone Ron Paul cares deeply about– members of his family, or perhaps even his political supporters.

If not by threat, the only other way the “Fed Breakfast” conspiracy theory makes any sense is if while at the Federal Reserve, Ron Paul had a mind-controlling brain slug planted into him, like the ones off Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Conspiracy episode. This would also explain how Clinton-era Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (formerly a gold-standard advocate and disciple of Ayn Rand) turned on everything he had previously stood for. They put a mind-control slug in him. Ben Bernanke was probably still just a teenager reading Ludwig von Mises for the first time when they put the slug in his brain. We’ll have confirmation for this theory if Ron Paul becomes Mitt Romney’s running mate. Stay tuned.

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About the Author: Wes

Wesley Messamore, 24, is an independent journalist and political activist who believes in the Founding Father's vision of a free, enlightened, and moral America. He also blogs at HumbleLibertarian.com