Precious Metals Week Commences!

July 9th, 2012

As a film that focuses on the Fed and alternative currencies, it’s only right that we pay homage to one of the best proven alternative currencies in history, Precious Metals. This week we will take you through the world of buying, selling, understanding, and identifying precious metals. We also have a great interview lined up with one of the youngest PM enthusiasts in the blog-o-sphere. Big names from the metal world will be stopping in to share some knowledge, ANDDDD we’ll be giving away a .10 ounce of silver to one savvy reader.

So remember to stop by every day this week to see what is happening. You’ll surely learn a lot from the pieces we plan to share. You can also post pictures of your metal on our Facebook page, Re-tweet our stories, and participate in our contest this week to get a real precious metals experience. It’ll be like a virtual tour through the mind of Ron Paul or the great Ludwig Von Mises! Let’s be serious…you won’t learn any of this in those summer courses you are taking…

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