Even Private Air Travel is Eligible for TSA Shenanigans

August 30th, 2012

After leaving the Republican National Convention, Ron Paul, his wife Carol Paul, and one of their granddaughters had a hard time leaving on their private plane. TSA agents demanded a full explosives check on their private plane that was parked at the Clearwater Airport in Florida. Eight agents surrounded the family to create Ron Paul’s first experience with the post-9/11 TSA (first time we know about, at least; his son Rand was detained by the TSA earlier this year for refusing the invasive pat-down).

A video was allegedly recorded as Carol Paul refused to go through the scanning machine because of her pacemaker. She was subject to the pat-down that her husband has fervently fought against[EDIT: But when the TSA agents saw the cameras flip on for the pat down, they relented and sent Carol Paul on her way]. If we come across the video, I’ll update this post.

The irony of it all has me wondering how we will ever escape this surveillance-filled world. Ron Paul, the “Champion of the Constitution” can’t even escape it with his own private jet! This is one helluvah way to leave politics though; it’s almost symbolic. The establishment won, but the election of ideas can’t be controlled or centralized. Not until they implement thought control devices in our heads, at least…

About the Author: megan

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