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Federal Reserve Bank Heist: Shipment of New Benjamins Stolen

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Money Monday The Federal Reserve is not typically the victim of theft. In fact, many US taxpayers would argue that the institution is usually the one responsible for widespread theft and counterfeiting, as its inflationary policies steal the buying power … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Greenbackers Are Not Libertarians by Ben Stone

Posted on by Barry Donegan

by Ben Stone In any discussion worth noting, it’s important to be clear on the terminology being used. This is difficult to do in politics because there are hoards of vermin in modern society who are completely dependant upon the … Continue reading

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Unleashing Silver Circle Upon New York Comic Con

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Pop Friday New York Comic Con is one of the biggest comic book conventions in the US. These gala events of glorious geekdom grow more popular each year with over 100,000 people converging on the Big Apple to check out … Continue reading

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Military Test Site Scrappers: Breaking Bad Meets American Pickers

Posted on by Barry Donegan

The pricing mechanism of the free market is one of the most powerful technological resources available to humanity. It sends crucial signals to enterprising people, offering them lucrative opportunities in return for satisfying human needs. In so doing, it helps … Continue reading

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Central Banks Hoard Gold and So Should You

Posted on by Davi Barker

I found this video titled “Ron Paul Owns Ben Bernanke in 10 seconds” I might have said “Schooled” Ben Bernanke, just to avoid the language of human ownership. But it’s a pretty sound argument I think… the great and noble … Continue reading

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NYC Teen Records Police, Gets Roughed up and Called a “Mutt”

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Rebel of the Week The US Constitution clearly recognizes the fundamental human right to privacy. Citizens are only supposed to be searched, questioned, or otherwise investigated by law enforcement by consent, a judge’s warrant, or when an officer has probable … Continue reading

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Titles of Nobility: The Lost 13th Amendment

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tinfoil Tuesday Shortly after America’s founding, the English and French government and banking establishments were the subject of many conspiracy theories. Americans of the day often viewed the First Bank of the United States as a proxy for British banking … Continue reading

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New York Comic Con, Silver Summit, Production, January!

Posted on by Pasha

Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth at New York Comic Con Today is a quick Precious Metal Head entry – we are madly packing up to head out to New York Comic Con.  Now for our third year we’ll face over … Continue reading

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Silver Circle’s Graphic Novel Launches This Week!

Posted on by megan

The Silver Circle Graphic Novel Is Out Posted: 10/9/12 – PRESS RELEASE – The full Silver Circle graphic novel is now available for purchase for the first time. (Cambridge, MA) – On Wednesday, October 3, 2012 the long awaited Silver … Continue reading

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How TN Dealt with Vote Fraud: The Battle of Athens

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Sometimes, major historical events get skipped over by high school US history classes. For example, most people have no idea that a lawfully mustered militia overthrew a county government in Tennessee in 1946 in an explosive turn of events now … Continue reading

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