Review: “One Nation Under Blood” by Tarrin Lupo

October 23rd, 2012

Tarrin Lupo has done it again. Tarrin is the author of a whole stack of books, most famously the “Pirates of Savannah” trilogy. I’m proud to say I had a small hand in proof reading his young adult novel “The Search for Shamus’s Booty“ which was based on that trilogy. But now he’s written something all together different. His new book “One Nation Under Blood” is set for release on October 30, so-called Devil’s Night. As a special promotion you can get the ebook right now, but only with BitCoin. Having read an early version of the manuscript I can tell you, this thing made my skin crawl… partly because of how horrific his dystopian vision is, but also because of how close to it we’ve already come.

“One Nation Under Blood” occurs in the same America we live in now, with one subtle but profound difference. Scientists have discovered a healing power in children’s blood called the Delta Factor which allows the old to heal themselves by receiving blood transfusions from the young. At first the new blood technology is available in the free market, turning the medical industry on its head and fantastically enriching the young and entrepreneurial. But as inevitably happens, the government seizes control of the new industry, mandating that children routinely give blood. It gives a creepy new meaning to the slogan “No Child Left Behind.”

Of course, the elderly’s demand for for young blood out paces the supply, and politicians are forever beholden to their voting constituents, and their own thirst. Eventually existing FEMA camps are converted into blood extraction gulags of the young. The plot follows a family of children, independently wealthy through smart black market investment, but possessing a Delta Factor that’s off the charts, making them the target of a State that won’t take “no” for an answer.

With stunning illustrations from Ruby Hilliard and Doc Samson, the book is full of propaganda posters that parody all the familiar war propaganda, but with a sick twist. . Remember ”Young Blood is A Right!” And as long those “donating” the blood are too young to vote, promising seniors blood transfusions as part of the national healthcare program is a winning campaign strategy for either political party.

See how this relatively innocuous medical technology gives rise to a crippling police state complete with check points and snitch culture. But brace yourself for the most frightening part of the book, where it slips from fiction to fact, and Tarrin explains point by point how all the horrific government policies in the story are either already happening or on the verge of happening as soon as the State finds the right justification. And the sequel is already in the works.

Check it out on  and on Tarrin’s Homepage.

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About the Author: Davi Barker

In grade school Davi refused to recite the pledge of allegiance because he didn't understand what it meant. He was ordered to do as he was told. In college he spent hours scouring through the congressional record trying to understand this strange machine. That's where he discovered Dr. Ron Paul. In 2007 he joined the End The Fed movement and found a political home with the libertarians. The Declaration of Independence claims that the government derives its power “from the consent of the governed." He does not consent.