Was GT Fulford Killed for Funding Tesla’s Energy Experiments?

October 16th, 2012

Tinfoil Tuesday

In 1905, George Taylor Fulford, one of the richest men in the world at that time, became Canada’s first official automobile accident fatality. Fulford was somewhat of an early version of a pharmaceutical baron, having made a massive fortune off of an iron supplement with real-world utility in the treatment of anemia. In those days, some vitamin supplements seemed more like medications, as a less-developed supply chain left many people with severe nutritional imbalances.

He invested his fortunes well, becoming one of the largest shareholders in General Electric. According to his descendants’ family legend, Fulford was impressed by the scientific theories of Nikola Tesla, who was seeking funding for a wireless and global system to deliver electricity to end-consumers. Some have characterized this as “free energy,” though it might have technically involved a resource cost of some sort, albeit likely a more efficient one than those which enriched Standard Oil at the time. A week after he let people know about his intention to invest in Tesla’s experiment, his chauffeur wrecked, killing Fulford. The chauffeur survived the crash. Fulford’s family believes that his car accident was actually a purposeful murder, and that investors in Standard Oil, including members of the Rockefeller family, were involved.

Nikola Tesla: One of History’s Most Controversial and Prolific Scientists

Despite receiving very little credit, Nikola Tesla was responsible for many world-changing scientific innovations. However, one particular initiative of his spawned a series of conspiracy theories. In essence, he planned to build a wireless, global delivery system for electricity which extracted energy from the atmosphere. Some people characterize this as free energy, though that categorization may not technically be correct, even if it were exponentially more efficient than energy sources available today.

Allegedly, JP Morgan pulled the plug on the project because he couldn’t think of a way to monetize it and feared that it could hurt his investments into other types of energy tech. Apparently, he didn’t think about the fact that all electronic devices and households would need tech with which to interface with this wireless electrical system, which would be profitable in its own right.

The Fulford Family Theory

This blog sources a Rense interview with Ben Fulford, great-grandson of GT Fulford. He is a former reporter for Forbes in Japan who often comments on Rockefeller-related conspiracy theories. His assertion is that the Rockefeller family, along with other investors at Standard Oil, arranged his death, presumably by paying his driver to wreck. The fact that the chauffeur survived the crash was a major factor in the family’s theory. As the story goes, the driver had been made aware of the upcoming investment a week prior to the crash. Ben Fulford notes that, after the crash, the person responsible for handling Fulford’s trust mismanaged it, and most of his General Electric stock wound up in the hands of the Rockefeller family.

While these are certainly compelling circumstances, it’s hard to tell if there is any legitimacy to this claim, as this is a century-old automobile crash, so there is little forensic evidence. In fact, since this was the first-ever fatal car accident in North America, there would have been few forensic techniques available to assist in determining whether wrongdoing was involved. The fact that the Rockefeller family maneuvered for control of his shares at GE may have been a coincidence, or simply a moment of opportunity being capitalized on by an opportunist.

Regardless whether or not you believe in the theory itself, it does contribute to the broader lore surrounding the suppression of Nikola Tesla’s scientific theories. He often worked to create technologies which would have radically changed human life forever. Scientists that try to change the world too quickly have typically faced opposition throughout history.

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