Guest Post: L Neil Smith | FEMA and Hurricane Sandy

November 27th, 2012

Secondary dose of Tinfoil Tuesday :)

Epistemology is a bitch.

Sometimes we know that what we know is real. Too many of our
fellow humans know that what they know is false, but they choose to
believe it anyway, because they want to. Sometimes you know that what
you’re reading or hearing may be false, but you have to act as if it
were true, because the stakes are too high if you are wrong. That
sounds a bit like global warming propaganda, but it describes a real

I have known and written briefly about the camps that FEMA has
been building (if that’s the word for putting up miles of chainlink
fence and razor wire around a giant empty lot) for several years. To
be perfectly truthful, I haven’t wanted to think about the subject
much, because it’s terribly depressing — and all too historically

Andersonville, the Confederate prisoner-of-war camp in the War
Between the States accidentally worked the way that FEMA camps are
deliberately intended to work, and so did the places that the sainted
Ortega brothers built for the Miskito Indians in Nicaragua. Put up a
fence. Put your prisoners in without food, a source of water, or much
in the way of shelter. Keep them there until they are dead. Repeat as

The global elite since at least the Nixon Administration has
accepted the Malthusian-Erlichian idea that there are too many people
on the Earth today, and that some number of them have to be dispensed
with. The actual figure has always varied with whoever you’re asking
about it, but with the United Nations situated at the leading edge of
genocidal theory, it has now generally settled to nine tenths of the

The Earth is home to seven billion people. If nine tenths of them
are surplus, that means that six billion, three hundred million of
them have to die. Under the U.N.’s Agenda 21 program, the remaining
seven hundred million — the ideal population for a planet of this
size, according to those who aspire to deal out life and death to the
everybody else — will be rounded up and confined in gigantic
city-sized buildings so the rest of Mother Gaia can be “returned to

If my understanding of history and human nature is correct, it’s
more than likely Mother Gaia will be expected to share her domain with
the palatial dachas of the brave new world’s Nomenklatura and the
pretty peasant boys and girls they have selected to serve their every

That’s the plan, neither a secret nor particularly controversial
among those — the U.N., the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergers, the
Obama Administration — who presently rule the world. That’s not the
part that I’m uncertain about. I know these evil creatures all too

The other day, however, I read an article online that I would very
much like to see discredited. It was written by a man for whom I have
no respect whatever, appearing on a website that freely mixes horse-
sense with wild-blue-yonder fantasy, without seeming to be aware of

The man is Chuck Norris, whose spectacular martial artistry and
promising movie career devolved into an endless diatribe about the
wonderful war on drugs and the dangers of letting people run their own
lives. As a hyper-religious anti-gay evolution-denier and mortal enemy
of the Jeffersonian separation of church and State, he has become the
poster boy — and store dummy — for knuckleheaded, butt-stupid

According to “Chuck Norris Facts”, a sort of street-level parlor
game about his legendary heroism, he can, to paraphrase the late Mr.
Croce, step on Superman’s cape, spit into the wind, and mess around
with Jim. But the guy can’t seem to think his way out of a wet paper

That’s why I hope Norris’s most recent column is completely wrong.
The website is World Net Daily, in many ways an admirable undertaking,
although it’s captained by the often hysterical (but never funny)
Joseph Farah, a half-Syrian half-Lebanese born again evangelical
Christian who brings an entirely new meaning to the concept of

Norris tells us, indirectly, that Agenda 21 is now more than just
a script, it’s in dress rehearsal. He claims that 130,000 individuals
have been rounded up by FEMA, with Hurricane Sandy as an excuse, and
confined in places the roundees themselves are calling “concentration

These camps are “secured’ by chain link fencing and razor wire.
The people inside are locked in and can’t get out. In the middle of
the winter, they are living in tents without heat, when they were
promised solid buildings if they agreed to be evacuated. Everywhere
they go within the camp, even to the bathroom, the are expected
to produce identification. The camps are overflown regularly by
Blackhawk helicopters, and a long black car is seen to drive by

Attempts at communicating with the outside world are thwarted. If
the inmates use the Internet, the electricity is shut off. Cell phones
and i-devices are being jammed. FEMA doesn’t want the world to know
what’s going on inside their experimental camps. Elderly Nazis would

And approve.

For the present there is food, there is water, in limited amounts.
But private individuals attempting to bring the prisoners — pardon
me, the evacuees — supplies are being turned away on the excuse that
the food may not meet Mayor Bloomberg’s exacting standards for People

If they truly exist, if Norris is telling us the truth, these
camps must be opened the way Patton opened the camps in Germany. The
faceless leaders of FEMA must be brought to swift justice for false
arrest, false imprisonment, and, if possible, conspiracy to commit

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