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Meet the Silver Circle Crew!

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// Our website has been updated to introduce you to the Silver Circle Movie and Graphic Novel crew. Check us out and get friendly with us. We plan to show you the production process, announce events, castings, and release footage … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Benjamin’s, Baby

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// The newest version of the $100 Federal Reserve note will be pushed into circulation beginning in early 2011. The new design including 3D ribbons and water marks are to ensure that “criminals” will not be able to replicate them. … Continue reading

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The Future of Marijuana Legalization

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// In order to portray the future accurately in the film Silver Circle, things like the progress of marijuana policy makes a difference. According to the Marijuana Policy Project 2009 was: “…a breakthrough year on the federal level.” With about … Continue reading

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Where Do You See Protests 10 Years From Now?

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// In light of recent events, it seems as though protesting and thrusting hand mades signs in the air is the new wave of expressing ideas. After the first “Tea Party” last Spring it seems as though other issue based … Continue reading

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The Fed Claims to be Virtually Blameless

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// In an article by Ryan McMaken we see that the U.S. Government continues to keep a blind eye on the Federal Reserve’s actions. All of the blame is pointed toward private financial institutions, who are just as guilty, but … Continue reading

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Silver Saves You From B.O. and Inflation!

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// While reading this article from Richard Daughty, I came across some strange humor as well as some strange facts. Due to the uprise in hygienic uses of silver as well as the beloved RFID chip production, it looks as … Continue reading

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