“The Body” Doesn’t Want to Share His Body With TSA

January 25th, 2011

Upon returning from Silver Circle’s last trip to a Mises event, we were quickly reminded of our rendezvous with the TSA agents when we read this story on Monday of Jesse Ventura’s move to sue TSA for infringing on his 4th amendment rights.

Ventura had his hip replaced in 2008. (I’m guessing after being roughed up in the ring for all those years one would require more than a new hip!) His artificial hip sets off the metal detector and before was only required to have an extra step of scanning by means of a wand.  Now that he has been exposed to “unwanted touching, gripping and rubbing of the intimate areas of his body” he is ready to do something about this infringement on his civil liberties.  The defendants in the case: Janet Napolitano and John Pistole.

If he wins, is this a victory for all?

h/t DailyPaul.com

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