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Words with Feds: DHS Releases Social Media Keyword Watch List

Posted on by Barry Donegan

After the 911 attacks, politicians took advantage of the deeply emotional political climate to pass laws that effectively eviscerated the Constitution. The NSA now collects and saves everyone’s emails and text messages. Federal agents sift through citizens’ bank records without … Continue reading

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8 Creative Ways to Deface Money

Posted on by Davi Barker

Let’s face it. There’s at least one great thing about inflation. It means the relative value of each individual monetary note keeps going down, and there’s a lot more of them around. And since paper is the quintessential arts and crafts material, … Continue reading

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11 Years Later: “Temporary” Unconstitutional Post 9/11 Security Laws Won’t Go Away

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Throughout history, politicians have used the political climate caused by disasters to ram through legislation that would likely never otherwise pass. As current Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, once said from the standpoint of a politician, ”You never want a serious crisis … Continue reading

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TinFoil Tuesday: The 9/11 Gold Heist

Posted on by Davi Barker

This year 9/11 happens to fall on a Tuesday. Where some see coincidence others see synchronicity. So of course, we’ve got to tackle some part of the 9/11 Truth theories for TinFoil Tuesday. But which part? 9/11 Truth is a … Continue reading

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